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Large Scale Injection Molding

Need large custom plastic parts for your next project? Consider large scale injection molding from Lerner Molded Plastics

Large Scale Injection Molding and Other Services from Lerner Molded Plastics

Lerner Molded Plastics can accommodate shot sizes from 3 to 600 oz. with clamping forces of 30 to 3,000 tons. Partner with Lerner Molded Plastics for premier mold formation, quality tooling, and reliable supply chain services and finishing operations. From custom colors to the most detailed multi-cavity molds, Lerner Molded Plastics has everything you need. Customers count ont he Lerner team for services including:

Injection Molding

Lerner Molded Plastics has a reputation as a top-quality provider of injection molding services for customers in a variety of industries. Their ISO certified, state-of-the-art facility produces injection molded components from a wide range of plastics.

Blow Molding

As a provider of blow molding services, Lerner Molded Plastics offers equipment in single or dual head configurations with up to a 40-lb. capacity. Their shuttle press systems are utilized for high-volume production, and their capabilities can accommodate components that feature multiple cavities in various sizes.

Plastic Extrusions

Lerner provides quality OEM, automotive, and consumer products. Lerner specializes in manufacturing single, co, and tri-extruded plastic profiles, pipes, and tubes. Applying a combination of materials to meet the requirements of flame-retardant and food-grade applications. Lerner’s facility can accommodate anything from prototypes to high-volume runs.


Lerner provides precision thermoforming services to a wide variety of industries. They use advanced equipment for thin-gauge, high-production output thermoforming. Rotary machines and single station equipment is used for heavy-gauge thermoforming.

Rotational Molding

Rotational molding is a highly desirable option for manufacturing large parts with lower volumes. Lerner provides rotational molding services to customers int he OEM, automotive, and consumer products industries.

Design and Construction of Tooling

Lerner Molded Plastics provides mold design services for injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, thermoforming, and extrusion. Their capabilities include anything from small precision tools to large, single-cavity tools.

Supply Chain Services

Lerner offers complete supply chain services, including local sourcing of all raw materials, sub-assembly components, packaging, warehousing of finished products, and direct drop ship capabilities.

What is Plastic Injection Molding? | Large Scale Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding refers to the manufacturing process used to produce a large volume of identical parts. With large scale injection molding, manufacturers can produce parts of a variety of sizes and shapes, including small and large part molding. Injection molding is extremely versatile and has several advantages when compared to other plastic molding methods.

To list, some of the advantage of choosing plastic injection molding over another fabrication method include:

High Efficiency

  • Fast production when compared to other methods.
  • High production output rate.

Complex Part Design

  • Ability to handle complex parts with uniformity
  • Maximizes precision
  • Quality Consistency

Flexibility and Customization

  • Large selection of resins
  • Various coloring systems

Reduced Waste

  • Recycle excess plastic

To learn more about large scale injection molding from Lerner Molded Plastics, contact us or request a quote today.